The past two weeks have been extremely hectic for me, keeping me perennially busy – so much so that I was unable to even find time to write my regular blog. Professionally, I was busy garnering new clients for my organization, and personally had a very special guest in the form of Lord Ganesha at home. When I sat to jot down some random thoughts today, I happened to check the date and realized that it has been just over a year since I started writing my blogs.

It was on the 7th of September last year that I created a page on Facebook and posted my first write-up. To date I have published thirty blogs, which for the statistically minded, is about one post every twelve odd days – not too bad considering that along with writing blogs, I manage my professional career, religiously pursue my interests in music, continue my book-reading habit with vigour and all through maintain domestic equanimity. I have written on variegated topics ranging from my personal experiences, current topics, my travels, my travails, and to politics. I have received a lot of bouquets and brickbats for my posts and since the bouquets far outnumber the brickbats, I must be doing something right. The brickbats have mainly been reserved for my political blogs, which seem to have offended a few, who feel I am more of a rabid right-leaning Modi “bhakt”. I can assure you that I am partial towards no political party and my only interest lies in ameliorating our country of the woes that betide it. The other gripe some have expressed is against my blogs being too lengthy. But, like any of my writer friends would vouch, once you start writing, the words just flow from your mind and embellish themselves on to pages like a smooth-flowing river, unhindered by the encumbrances posed by the length of the prose. Fortunately, the encouragement received from family, friends and well-wishers has been overwhelming. Many have suggested issues that I touch upon (which I have tried my best to put forth) but most have identified with the topics that I have written about and shared their personal experiences with me. In fact, I have even started working towards an idea given by one of my schoolmates – of having my own blogsite (rather than publishing on FB, which however popular it may be, has limited scope).

I have always been interested in writing, having written a few funny poems when I was in school (which was strictly for circulation within the family). The search for the notepad in which I had jotted down these rhymes, has been in vain. I would always be lost in my own world of fantasies and adventures that kept originating in my imaginatively fertile mind, which I would then recreate for my sister and her friends in the form of stories. The imagination is no longer as fertile, but I can still cook up a passably decent story for when my daughter demands one. My wife has always been appreciative of my writing style – having worked together professionally, it was but natural that she would be privy to some of the articles I had written for the newsletters of our then organization. My blogs would never have seen the light of day were it not for her insistence that I start writing. She kept urging me, cajoling me and finally threatening me to take up writing – and I cannot thank her enough that I paid heed to her perseverance. If it were not for her, I would still be trying to find words in the dictionary of life, while they lay unraveled before me all the time. Thank you, my love – you reiterate the fact that I cannot be complete without you being in my life. She has been a sounding board for each of my blogs, and is one of the best editors a writer can ask for – she conscientiously corrects and improves my blogs with her deft editorial counsels. She is now gently prodding me towards writing a book, which was also part of my wish-list for this year. I have a few ideas in my mind, but do not want to attempt putting them onto paper right now – not until I nurture these ideas into some proper form and figure. Maybe I will start with writing short stories and eventually graduate into novel-writing. If that does not work, I can always turn to writing for a TV serial! Seeing the current asinine state of television serials, it is apparent that it does not require a genius to become a TV series script (what’s that???) writer. It reminds me of the quote by Samuel Goldwyn who said, “Television has raised writing to a new low”. But then, that is a tale for another day.

So thank you dear reader for being my biggest supporter through all of this one year. I usually end most of my blogs requesting the reader to “clear the cobwebs of the mind”, but today I will end it by reiterating (with a poor attempt at alliteration), that these blogs are after all just the “mumblings, musings and monologues of a meandering Malayali mind”.


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