During my younger days we were taught that schools (and by extension colleges and universities) are temples of learning. What is currently happening in JNU in the name of “freedom of speech” makes me introspect on what I have learned!

Let me begin by saying that this is not a rant against any one individual, but against all the hooligans who masquerade as “students” in our country. Some facts before we proceed – the current flavor of the season, Kanhaiya Kumar is a 29-year old who is still a student – in fact he has supposedly been doing a PhD in “African studies” (!!!); he is blatantly misusing the subsidized facilities provided by JNU – the very same subsidies being funded by common tax-payers like you and me; in the guise of “freedom of speech” he was caught shouting slogans to destroy India and paying homage to an established terrorist like Afzal Guru (who the Supreme Court has indicted in the dastardly attack on our Parliament); he unashamedly blames our current PM for the spread of poverty in our country, while completely glossing over the fact that for the past 60 years the country was lorded over and impoverished by his “sympathizer” (and his family); he claims that he does not support any political party, but is going all out to promote the candidates of the Left parties in the upcoming elections; and the most disgusting of all is our media which has elevated a non-entity like this pretender to the level of a national hero!

And now the obvious questions that stem from the above points. This Kanhaiya supposedly belongs to an extremely poor family, then why is he still a “student” – should he not be working to support his “poor” family? And who has been footing the humungous legal bills that he has garnered through his nefarious misadventures? Does his continuing to stay in the JNU hostel not raise a stink about his intentions – that of a free-loader misusing the government’s largesse to carry out political activities? In his “jail-wapasi” speech, he says he respects our army, then how come he supports confirmed terrorists, and the destruction of India? He claims to have the greatest of faith in our courts, but applied for bail directly to the Supreme Court, trying to bypass the High Court – did he not prove himself to be a coward who wants to circumvent the laws of the land? If he reposes his “faith” in our judiciary then how can he question its verdict against proven terrorists like Yakoob Memon? If the ideologies of the political party he looks up to was as good as he claims, how come West Bengal, where this party had ruled for over two decades, is still wallowing in the depths of despair and disparity? And that brings us to the most important of questions – is there any limit to depths of depravity that our media will sink to in order to generate viewership? Why have they reached such a stage that they have to make a hero of a charlatan? A simple question to ask would be why is more importance given to people who support terrorists, and less to something unique like the “Make in India” project? Why does our media excel in portraying negative images of our country in their headlines, rather than being exhibitors of positivity and optimism? It seems like the current government is not “pampering” the media enough like they were by the earlier governments.

Another disturbing question pops up in my mind – why do these objectionable “breaking” news items come up just before a Parliament session? It began with “intolerance” and the “award-wapasi” stunts, then it was Rohith Vemula and his suicide, and now it is this Kanhaiya and his shenanigans! It is becoming apparent now that this Kanhaiya is just a stooge being used by his political masters to spout venom and promulgate their antiquated manifestoes. It is really funny that we have our so-called “intellectuals” parading the antediluvian ideas of communism, when the Soviet Union has imploded on account of the very same philosophies. How can these people have their head buried in the sands of time and not see the changing world around them? I am not a great believer of conspiracy theories, but all of the above questions lead me to believe that there could be something reprehensible cooking in the backrooms of news channels with the sole aim of denigrating the efforts of the incumbent government. I now tend to agree with the statement made by Anupam Kher that the word “intolerant” has been manufactured and marketed by the opposition to demean the “chai-wallah”. The betterment of the country be damned – their only aim seems to be to get back into power and loot the country. Why are our venerated temples of learning turning into “temples of doom” and bloody battlefields for opportunistic politicians to exenterate the student community? Why are students being misused as pawns and being misguided on the disgusting chessboard of politics? I believe that the youth of today just want good education that will guarantee them stable jobs – a steady source of income can easily put to rest any idea of revolt! Another disquieting trend is that of these intelligentsia terming their comments as “democratic expressions” and “secular”, while any opinion contrarian to theirs as “rabble-rousing” and “communal”. If freedom of speech is guaranteed to Indians, then why this pretentious holier-than-thou attitude?

As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs – I do not stand for any one political party. My interest, like that of many Indians I know, lies in the economic and social advancement of our country. Over the past decades we have allowed one particular political party (which now has an “comedian” as their leader) to ruin the country, so why not allow someone (with clarity of thoughts, vast experience and definitely more dedication) to run the country? Time to clear the cobwebs of the mind…


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